Intelligent forging press electrical control system

System Introduction

1、It adopts Siemens PLC touch screen and button centralized control, which can realize manual and semi-automatic operation.

(1)Manual: The corresponding action is completed by pushing the button, and each press of the button completes a point movement, mainly used for equipment adjustment and mold replacement.

(2)Semi-automatic: The corresponding process action is completed by the corresponding operation button.

2、The process methods are divided into: variable speed process, constant pressure process, constant range process and the process of cross use of these three processes.

(1)Variable speed process: According to the process, the slider can be set to run at different speeds in each stage of the empty downward travel, approaching material, working into the initial and return upward travel.

(2)Fixed pressure process: according to the process can be set to automatically reach the set process pressure, automatic pressure-holding (can be timed), pressure relief and return.

(3)Fixed-range process: According to the process setting program, the equipment automatically pressurizes to reach the set amount or position under pressure, and precisely determines the positioning, pressure release and return.

Device Function

The forging machine is capable of automatic precise ranging, pressure setting, speed setting and precise return to the set position according to the setting.

(1)High precision: The equipment should meet the requirements of variable speed of the slider and the accuracy of the fixed range and pressure under the work-in condition in the table of “Main Technical Parameters of Equipment” above.

(2)Intelligent: the equipment has the function of adjusting the operation under different process parameters (pressing down speed, pressing down volume, pressing down tonnage, etc.), and can realize the programming, storage, calling of various forging processes and forging processing according to the established process procedures; and reserved network interface, which can monitor the operation status of the equipment and call the process parameters from remote; with automatic recording function, which can automatically record the position, pressure and speed data; the pressurization process has the function of real-time displaying the pressure curve; with basic fault self-diagnosis function, automatic cycle recording function of fault, and the sound and photoelectricity display when the fault alarm.

(3)Automation: The equipment can realize the input and automatic sequential storage of the original information of each batch, each piece and each process forging material, and can realize the recording, storage and calling of the data of the corresponding forging process of the material, and realize the recordable and traceable production process and quality control of the material forging.

Control System Operation Interface


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