Shorting and flange pairing special machine

Shorting and flange pairing special machine

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Equipment Introduction

Realize short pipe and double flange grouping, short pipe and reducer and double flange grouping.

Working Steps

1、The flange card is on the chuck, positioned by the span centering device and pneumatically locked.

2、The short pipe is adjusted to the corresponding height with the flange grouping using the shear bracket, and the movable end is moved electrically to the specified length, and then the workpiece is manually rotated to implement spot welding.

Plus Workpiece Specifications

Workpiece up to 3m, wall thickness up to 15mm

Pipe diameter: DN80-DN400

Flange: DN80-DN400

Total length after workpiece grouping: L≤3000mm

Equipment Parameters

Stroke: 3m

Equipment Photos


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