Robotic welding (intersecting line/saddle port welding)

Equipment Brief Description

Phase line welding robot workstation, suitable for pipe to pipe phase line welding, pipe flange welding, can be configured with weld laser scanning system, quickly scan and record the actual position of the weld (instead of manual demonstration to find the point), improve the automation level of the saddle mouth welding robot, improve the efficiency of the saddle mouth welding operation.

Specification Of Welded Parts

Maximum length of main pipe: 2.5m or 4m (can be customized)

Pipe diameter: DN80-DN400 (can be customized)

Welding method: CO2 gas shielded welding, automatic wire filling.

Equipment Features

  1. With welding seam laser scanning system, it can quickly scan the welding seam, which reduces the time of manual demonstration to find the point and also reduces the reliance on the demonstration level of workers.

  2. With welding parameters preset function, the next time you weld the same specifications of the workpiece can directly call the welding parameters.

  3. With gas pressure detection function, when the gas pressure is not enough, the equipment issues an alarm and stops welding.

  4. The main structure of the equipment adopts welding form, annealed to relieve stress, and the processing surface of the guide rail is finished by CNC machining once, which ensures the accuracy requirements.

  5. Adopt imported precision guide rail and high precision reducer.

  6. This equipment adds the seventh axis, and the motor reducer of the seventh axis is linked with the robot body.

Operation Flow

  1. Manual loading workpiece.

  2. Automatic start position finding.

  3. Call the prefabricated welding program, and the laser automatically scans the weld position.

  4. Automatic robot welding.

Equipment Site Photo

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Welding effect


Equipment Video

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