Robot welding (round plate and shell heat exchanger)

Solution for welding range:

All-welded plate and shell heat exchanger plate bundle. Its internal core structure is a group of metal circular corrugated heat exchanger plates, welded one by one at intervals to form a bundle of welded plates.


Project Solutions:

Two sets of equipment: inner circle automatic welding equipment, outer circle automatic welding equipment

Welding method: plasma welding

1、Automatic inner circle welding equipment:

The robot automatically grabs the plate for loading and unloading, automatically loads the card to the tightening tooling, and automatically completes the welding of two inner circles. Adopting imported plasma welding machine, the welding speed is fast, the weld seam is beautiful, the welding quality is high, and the welding gun is equipped with a camera at the welding gun to realize remote monitoring, which can make human correction to the welding gun in real time.

Inner circle welding effect


2、Automatic welding equipment for outer circle:

Outer circle welding effect


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