Robot welding (engine oil sump)

1.Equipment Introduction Robotic welding for production process steps with high technical requirements for welders, not easy to control the quality of the weld seam, and high requirements for post-weld forming quality. The work station consists of a TIG welding robot with two sets of position changers, with alternating double stations for welding.

2. Equipment features 1. Dual station design, single robot design makes the auxiliary time for loading and unloading parts overlap with the welding working time, so that the robot utilization rate is greatly improved. 2. If there is a new type of workpiece, it is only necessary to redesign the tooling fixture on the indexing machine, which can be used to weld new parts. 3. With gas pressure detection function, when the gas pressure is not enough, the equipment issues an alarm and stops welding. 4. Adopt self-melting welding, reliable welding and cost saving. 5. The positioner automatically flips, accurate positioning and high efficiency.

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