Square all-welded heat exchanger welding station

一、Equipment Introduction

Square fully welded plate heat exchanger automatic welding machine is used for square heat exchanger plate welding automatic welding equipment, equipped with laser weld tracker, scanning and tracking of the weld, the use of argon arc welding to improve the quality of the weld, control and operating system is safe and reliable. 设备介绍

二、Equipment Functions

Arc tracking in the Z-axis direction to ensure that the welding arc is always maintained in a constant state; Welding process welding sequence can be programmed according to the board model; the number of welding strips can be recorded according to the product model and can be Welding process welding sequence can be programmed according to the board model; according to the product model for the record of the number of welding strips and can be queried; leave a data interface to facilitate remote monitoring of welding parameters and welding beat in the future.Welding parameters and welding beat, the welding torch head is equipped with gas protection drag cover to ensure that the weld is not oxidized. Welding power supply has pulse function, pulse frequency Pulse frequency and duty cycle are adjustable.


三、Equipment features

This machine is equipped with a laser weld tracker, which adopts intelligent real-time weld tracking technology and non-contact tracking mode.The position information of each point in the tracing area, through the complex program algorithm to complete the on-line real-time detection of common weld seams. According to the measured weldAccording to the measured seam offset, it guides and controls the precise positioning of the welding torch, avoiding welding defects caused by workpiece position deviation and improving production efficiency and product quality. quality.

※ Ensures safe welding processes and perfectly formed welds;
※ Reduced thermal load;
※ Increasing productivity;
※ Keeping the torch in the ideal position;
※ Compensation of production, equipment and operational tolerances;
※ Reduced programming effort;
※ Achieve consistent, reproducible weld results.

四、Welding effect

效果 效果2 效果3

五、Welding Video


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