Plasma welding (plate and shell heat exchanger plate-set-outer-circle-welding)

Brief Description Of Equipment

Plate and shell heat exchanger plate group-outer circle welding equipment, using plasma arc welding, each group of plates automatically concentric, automatic welding.

Outer Circle Welding Equipment Features And Parameters

Applicable plate specifications: φ480- φ1200mm (can be customized)

Plate thickness: 0.8-1 .2mm (can be customized)

Welding method: plasma welding

Configuration Table Of External Welding Equipment

Serial NumberNameQuantity
1Welding equipment1 set
2Workpiece top and bottom cover4 sets
3Welding robot1 set
4Plasma welding power supply1 set
5Water cooling system1 set
6Protective gas system1 set
7Control system1 set
8Workpiece concentric clamps1 set

Operation Steps

1、Manually put the workpiece into one station of the equipment, select the corresponding model on the control panel and press the start button, the welding equipment moves to this station for welding.

2、At the same time workers to another station on the plate, the two stations replace each other to achieve continuous welding of the plate.

3、If you need to replace different models of plates for welding, you only need to replace different fixtures and the corresponding connection plate, which can be quickly replaced.

Equipment Advantages

1、With laser welding seam tracking system, the welding seam is well formed.

2、With welding parameters preset function, can directly call the welding parameters.

3、With corresponding camera at the welding gun to realize remote monitoring, and at the same time, it can make human correction to the welding gun in real time, so that it has better fault tolerance.

4、With gas pressure detection function, when the gas pressure is insufficient the equipment issues an alarm and stops welding.

3D Design Drawing Of The Equipment

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Equipment Video

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Customer Case

Suzhou Aixon

The whole set of equipment consists of two sets of equipment, internal circle welding equipment and outer circle welding equipment. Learn about the success stories of the whole set of equipment (click to enter)

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