Plasma Welding (Plate and Shell Heat Exchanger - Inner Circle Welding)

Equipment Introduction

Circular plate and shell heat exchanger, plate set inner circle welding equipment, mainly to achieve the whole process of automatic loading of plate set, automatic assembly, automatic card loading tooling, automatic welding and automatic discharging.

The whole set of equipment consists of two sets of equipment, inner circle welding equipment and outer circle welding equipment. Learn about the successful cases of the whole set of equipment (Click to enter) Favorable price, welcome to inquire.

### Inner Circle Welding Equipment Features And Parameters

Applicable sheet specifications: φ480- φ1200mm (can be customized)

Sheet thickness: 0.8-1 .2mm (can be customized)

Welding method: plasma welding

Equipment Configuration Table

Serial numberNameQuantity
1Sheet Rotation Equipment1 set
2Workpiece clamps4 sets
3Welding manipulator1 set
4Plasma welding power supply1 set
5Robot1 set
6Plate positioning tooling2 sets
7Control system1 set
8Protective gas system1 set
9Sheet trolley2 sets

Advantages Of The Equipment

  1. The equipment will realize the whole process of automatic up and down and welding of the sheet, which will improve the welding efficiency and welding quality of the products and reduce the labor intensity of the workers.

  2. The welding gun is equipped with a corresponding camera at the welding gun to realize remote monitoring, and at the same time, human correction can be made to the welding gun in real time to make it have better fault tolerance.

  3. Adopt high quality imported plasma welding machine, with fast welding speed, beautiful welding seam and high welding quality.

  4. With gas pressure detection function, when the gas pressure is insufficient the equipment issues an alarm and stops welding.

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