Pipe-welding special machine (gas welding)

Equipment Introduction

The equipment is suitable for welding a variety of pipe-type pipe fittings and adapts to a variety of weld types (butt weld, fillet weld, etc.).

The maximum length of pipe fittings: 2 meters; pipe diameter: DN80-DN400; with elbow pipe fittings welding maximum diameter ≤ DN300, turning radius ≤ 600. Length ≤ 500 corner weld pipe fittings, the displacement machine can be flipped 45 ° for welding.

The equipment is easy to operate, semi-automatic control, flexible and versatile, and the welding seam is uniform and beautiful.

Welding method can be selected: gas welding, argon arc welding, or double gun welding can be achieved.

Applicable Workpiece Types

Equipment Features

1、With welding seam tracking function to ensure stable welding status.

2、With gas pressure detection function, when the gas pressure is not enough the equipment issues an alarm and stops welding.

3、With water flow detection function, when the water cooler is abnormal, the equipment issues an alarm and stops welding.

4、PLC control system, simple and fast operation, and also configured with wireless remote control system.

5、With double-axis displacement machine, the angle of the workpiece can be freely selected, and the angle weld can be 45° ship-shaped welding.

6、With welding parameters preset function, the next time to weld the same specifications of the workpiece can directly call the welding parameters.

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Customer Case

Suzhou Aixon Yangzhou Pest Anshan Danfoss Shandong Guochen Siping Avi Shanghai Ametek Shandong Huangyin etc.

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