Oxygenator production line (press-fit-assembly-aging)

Oxygenator production line can be custom designed and manufactured according to customer needs.

This set of oxygen generator production line consists of molecular sieve press loading table, oxygen generator assembly line and aging line.

1、Molecular sieve press loading table

Equipment composition: Vacuum suction system, weighing and dropping mechanism, rotary table, pressing and loading mechanism, electrical control system.

It can realize molecular sieve lower head and sieve plate press-fitting, automatic weighing and filling, upper sieve plate press-fitting, upper head press-fitting, and complete press-fitting in one molding.

The equipment can precisely control the position of the screen plate, ensure the relative position relationship between the screen plate and the barrel, and guarantee the positioning and internal uniformity of the molecular sieve; the molecular sieve is positioned by the mold throughout the assembly process to ensure the press-fit size, density, uniformity and consistency, etc., which can effectively improve the qualified rate of the molecular sieve and increase the assembly efficiency.

2、Oxygen concentrator assembly line

The operator assembles the pallets at each station and presses the completion switch when the assembly is complete, and the line moves after all are confirmed. When the pallet moves to the tail hoist, the hoist drops the pallet to the lower level and the pallet flows back to the front hoist to lift to the first station for the next cycle. A manual inspection position is set at the end of the assembly line to sort qualified products from defective products. The qualified products are taken out from the pallets and put into the aging line (the defective products are sent to the maintenance area).

3、Oxygenator aging line

The product is put into the track by manual, plugged into the power supply, and the chain drags the product forward. Manual inspection after aging is completed.

三、Customer Cases

Shenyang Xinsong Medical、Qingdao Deco Oxygen Sang

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