Supervisor and branch management team to dedicated machine

Supervisor And Branch Management Team To Dedicated Machine

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Equipment Introduction

Realization of main and branch pipe grouping (main pipe: flange + straight pipe + sealing bubble, branch pipe: flange + straight pipe)

Working Steps

1、The main pipe is clamped by the chuck after passing through the predetermined position, the branch pipe is welded to the flange first, and the cross-center positioning device positions the branch pipe flange. The main pipe is supported by the shear bracket and adjusted to the corresponding height so that the saddle mouth of the main pipe is positioned with the saddle positioning device.

2、Assemble the main and branch pipes. Loosen the spindle, rotate 90 degrees, assemble the saddle port, position the span center positioning device, lock the spindle and spot weld.

Plus Workpiece Specifications

Max. length of main pipe: 4m Max. length of branch pipe: 600mm Pipe diameter: DN80-DN400

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