Long Straight Seam Welding Special Machine (Longitudinal Seam of Cylinder Section)

Equipment Introduction

Long seam welding special machine for pipe boxes, cylinder joints, etc.Long straight class butt welds or facet welds. When welding, the workpiece is fixed and the welding gun moves. Features the effective travel of the horizontal telescopic axis of the welding torch up to 2 meters, ** can be firmly probed into the deep and narrow space inside for welding **. Applicable to gas welding, argon arc welding and other welding methods, configured with automatic wire filling device.

Main Technical Parameters Of The Equipment

  1. Adaptable to workpiece weld length: Lmax = 2000mm;

  2. Workpiece welding methods: gas shielded welding, argon arc welding, etc.

Equipment Functions And Features

  1. With the teaching function, find the starting point and end point, you can automatically weld.

  2. welding parameters can be preset, the next welding the same specifications of the workpiece can be directly called.

  3. With gas pressure detection function, when the welding gas reaches the pressure alarm line, the system issues an alarm, prompting the replacement of the gas cylinder.

  4. With welding seam tracking function, by detecting the welding current and adjusting the height of the welding torch, the welding trajectory can be tracked in real time (applicable to fillet welding and V-shaped welding bevel).

  5. Equipped with wireless remote control system, which can be operated remotely.

  6. Vertical lifting axis, horizontal telescopic axis and horizontal moving axis are controlled by servo motor, which can precisely control the welding speed.

  7. PLC control system, humanized operation interface, simple and quick operation.

3D Design Drawing Of The Equipment

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