Intelligent square tube cutting production line

一、Equipment Introduction

Haobon machine intelligent square tube cutting production line is designed for the cutting samples provided by the user and the user’s technical needs of intelligent robots. Plasma cutting equipment, used for intelligent cutting and feeding of square tube products, realizing the functional requirements of manual loading and automatic cutting, improving production efficiency and saving labor production costs.production efficiency and save labor production costs.



1.Adopting the programming software with Haubon’s independent intellectual property rights, you only need to select the relevant square tube specification model, notch form and cutting length, and then you can start cutting, or you can import the parameters through the excel sheet;

2.With cutting program library (can store 50 kinds), the same kind of workpiece drawings only need to be programmed once, the next time can be directly called up.

3.With cutting program library (can store 50 kinds), the same kind of workpiece drawings only need to be programmed once, the next time can be directly called up.

三、Success Stories

This production line is suitable for plasma cutting process of all kinds of profiles. It mainly consists of four stations: traverse loading, fixed-length conveying, cutting and discharging. The movement is designed in the form of servo control, and the discharging size is precisely set to ensure the processing accuracy. Equipped with robot cutting system, greatly improving processing efficiency. The robot controls the movement of the cutting gun, automatically locates the first cutting position, and completes the automatic cutting of the whole material; during the cutting process, the arc tracking system automatically tracks the cutting seam and adjusts the level and height position of the cutting gun to avoid the offset of the cutting seam position, and the automated and integrated intelligent control system carries out continuous operation.

效果 效果 效果

The equipment mainly consists of cutting robot, inlet and outlet roller conveyor, fixed-length propulsion device, traversing roller conveyor, electric control system and so on.

四、Main parameters

serial numbername (of a thing)descriptive
1Cuttable materialsSquare Tube, Angle
2Cutting port formStraight mouth, beveled mouth, curved mouth
3Effective Cutting Interval14000mm(23KTEU feedstock length generally 12.7m, maximum 13.7m)
4Finished pipe length range1000mm-14000mm
5Square Tube Wall Thickness Range8-14mm
6without restraint (e.g. of swearing)0°~±45°(40°~45°Contains 2-3mm root retention requirements)
7Cutting methodplasma (physics)
8Cutting accuracyLength direction ±1mm, angular accuracy ±2°, four sides of the same surface deviation<0.5mm
9Cutting precisionFlat section, smooth, no slag hanging from the cutting port
10Cutting speed0-2000mm/min(tunable)
11Square Tube Conveying Speed0-1200mm/min
12Maximum weight of single pipe3000kg
13Productivity requirements16pcs/8H (for example, 350*450mm)
The above parameters can be customized upon request

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