Gantry type welding (bridge ribbed plate)

Equipment Introduction

The gantry type specialized welding machine consists of gantry frame, walking track and welding platform. It is suitable for welding long and straight tendon and plate workpieces.

For details, please refer to the successful case:

Shenyang steel bridge U-rib gantry welding machine project

Equipment Features

1、With 5 sets of welding gun control mechanism, each set of welding guns can be controlled separately and run independently.

2、With two sets of welding platform, can save the time of changing parts, to do one side of the card, one side of the welding;

3、With arc tracking system, real-time adjustment of the welding gun position, height, the whole process without manual monitoring.

4、With wireless remote control operation;

5、With gas pressure detection function, when the gas pressure is insufficient equipment alarm and stop welding.

3D Design Drawing Of The Equipment

This equipment can be customized and manufactured according to customer’s requirements.

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