Double gun welding special machine (compressor barrel welding)

This double gun welding machine is suitable for workpieces

Double gun welding machine for workpiece photo

Equipment Features

1、15 sets of weld position information can be stored and recorded, facilitating direct recall of weld position and quick change of machine type.

2、The lap length of the weld joint can be set; it can be stopped manually for easy patching; after welding is completed, the spindle automatically returns to the starting angle for easy loading of the next workpiece.

3、Welding parameters can be preset and called directly the next time the same size workpiece is welded.

4、The rotary axis of the positioner is driven by a servo motor, and the rotary speed can be precisely controlled, enabling precise execution of the welding process requirements.

5、PLC control system, humanized operation interface, configuration of wireless remote control system, simple and quick operation.

Operation Process

1、Equipment start-up, check the power supply, gas source and make preparations.

2、Adjustment of spindle positioning pins, replacement of lifting support tooling, replacement of tailstock top tightening tooling, adjustment of tailstock position (first piece adjustment only).

3、Manually install the base plate to the spindle indexer, lift the barrel to the lifting support and insert it to the positioning of the base plate, and activate the tailstock top tightening button to top tighten the workpiece.

4、Manually select the corresponding workpiece model on the touch screen (the program automatically reads the corresponding model’s torch position and welding parameters), start the torch positioning function, the torch automatically moves to the welding position, and manually confirm whether the torch is aligned with the welding seam (if there is any deviation, manually fine-tune it).

5、Manual closing of the door, initiation of welding, and automatic drop of the lifting support to start welding.

6、Automatically stop after welding for one week, start the reset function, the welding gun is automatically withdrawn, the spindle of the displacer is automatically turned back to the starting position and the lifting support is raised; start the tailstock release button, the tailstock is released and the workpiece is lifted away manually.


Equipment Working Video

Product Video

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