DATAS-L Laser Seam Tracking System

1.System Introduction The DATAS-L weld seam tracking system is to achieve the identification and tracking of weld seams through the three-dimensional measurement of laser tracker, which can effectively solve the problems caused by various types of weld seam deviations, improve the adaptability and accuracy of the welding system, greatly improve the automation of welding equipment, and reduce the comprehensive cost of automatic welding equipment. The system can be applied to a variety of welding seam types, such as U-, V- and I-shaped welds, beveled, lap and fillet welds, etc. The system fully takes into account the various problems in the welding process on site, has high practicality and fault tolerance, and is generally compatible with a variety of automated welding equipment, such as welding operators, gantry welding machines, cantilever welding machines, pipe bending machines, longitudinal/loop seam welders, flange welding machines, submerged arc/gas shielded welding trolley, H-beam production line and other products.

2. Function Introduction 1. Automatic tracking of weld trajectory, keeping the relative position of welding gun and weld, tracking position is the welding position, synchronous real-time tracking; 2. Multiple weld shape options for different weld types; 3. Real-time screen display of weld shape, measured parameters of weld and weld feature points; 4. With manual/automatic conversion function; 5. With horizontal and height two dimensions of tracking adjustment.

System features DATAS weld seam tracking system adopts laser multi-mode weld seam detection and tracking, applicable to a wide range of weld seam, adapt to the harsh conditions of the site, stable and reliable operation, strong anti-interference ability; Ø electrical control system using common industrial control devices, high reliability, easy maintenance; Ø has done a good job of modular design, the system comes with horizontal and vertical axis motion control, the site only needs to install a fixed position, simple and convenient debugging; Ø user interface is friendly, easy to operate, convenient and fast, tips, alarm information is rich; tracking position by that is the welding position, synchronous real-time tracking, tracking accuracy is higher, to avoid the tracking asynchronous caused by the position difference.

4. Main technical parameters Weld tracker tracking accuracy: horizontal resolution: ±0.1mm; vertical resolution: ±0.3mm; hanging height (height from the weld): 150mm±20mm; weld identification area (static identification range): 80mm*60mm (MAX); tracking area; 80mm*60mm area within any setting; tracking target selection: left bevel, right bevel, bevel center; table height information selection: left table/right table; bevel center height display: yes; Ørecognition frequency: 10Hz~50Hz; Øcenter position compensation: yes; Øanti-jitter function: yes; Øworking status display: external display light; Øautomatic working/manual working status switching: external knob switch control; Øoptical protection window: high temperature resistant quartz window; Ø tracker algorithm running platform: industrial all-in-one machine; brand: Advantech (optional) screen size: 15 inch (1024*768), 12 inch (800*600) screen attributes: touch screen Ø motion controller: stepper motor control (single axis / dual axis); Ø motion control input: industrial touch screen (7 inch) Ø servo slide: travel: 100mm; drive motor: 42 stepper motor/57 stepper motor; Ø electric control box: voltage: AC 220v; current: 3A (MAX).

5. System picture





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