ball valve flange welding special machine

Equipment Introduction

Ball valve flange welding special machine for ball valve and flange welding. When welding, the ball valve is rotated on the equipment at an angle of 45 degrees from the ground. The equipment is equipped with double welding guns, which can weld an inner flange port and an outer flange port at the same time. This equipment is suitable for gas welding or argon arc welding. It can be configured with face recognition system for automatic staff punching and sweeping system for automatic retrieval of production work orders, and the equipment shell is a standard machine tool protective cover, which is beautiful and practical.

Ball valve coherent line welding equipment:

coherent line welding robot workstation

Equipment Parameters

Applicable ball valve flange diameter: DN65-200.(can be customized)

Equipment Functions And Features

1、Ball valve inner and outer ports are welded at the same time.

2、Can achieve a quick change of machine type, switch the workpiece model when a key call parameters.

3、With code scanning gun, able to identify the barcode on the work order, automatically identify the workpiece model and call the welding parameters and welding gun position, to achieve automatic change of machine type. 3、With parameter presetting function, it can directly call the welding parameters when welding the same specification workpiece next time.

4、With welding gas pressure detection system, when the air pressure is lower than the set value, the system issues an alarm and prompts to replace the gas cylinder.

5、With face recognition system.

6、Can communicate with the upper computer.

3D Design Drawing of The Equipment

Equipment Site Photo

Equipment Site Video

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