Baby crib assembly line

Equipment Introduction

The crib assembly line includes automatic loading, automatic gluing, automatic assembling, automatic nailing, automatic handling, automatic discharging and other functions. It can realize the functions of automatic precise positioning, safety detection and precise measurement.

Applicable Crib Specifications

Length × width × height: 1200 × 600 × 660; (unit: mm) (can be customized)

Equipment Action Flow

Taking the crib base as an example, the process is as follows.

Process 1: Manual placement of bed frame cross braces and base plate round bars in the corresponding bins.

Process 2:The bottom plate cross brace is transferred to the gluing station for gluing by means of cylinder propulsion and positioning.

Process 3:Transferring the glued cross brace workpieces to the assembly station by means of a conveyor line.

Process 4:Assembly of positioned cross-support workpieces and round bars by means of a testing device by hydraulic pressure.

Process 5:The assembled cross brace and round bar are transported to the nailing station through the conveyor line to complete the nailing process.

Process 6:The finished workpiece assembled by nailing is conveyed to the gripping station through the conveying line. The cantilever gripper can rotate 90° and there is a module at one end of the cantilever to drive the gripper to move up and down to palletize the assembled base plate workpiece.

Equipment Features

1.The system parameters are adjustable, convenient and fast; adaptable to a wide range of woodworking products can be adapted to the assembly work.

2.Motor driven by servo motor, the rotation speed can be precisely controlled, capable of precise process requirements.

3.PLC control system, humanized operation interface, simple and fast operation; configuration of industrial remote control, wireless remote operation.

Equipment 3D Design Drawing

Equipment Site Photos

This equipment can be custom designed and manufactured according to customer needs.

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