Automatic welding line for jointing flanges (carbon steel, stainless steel)

Equipment Introduction

This production line is used for automatic welding of receiver flanges, double station design, two welding stations work alternately, argon arc welding priming is done by the welding cross, cover welding is done by the welding robot, double guns alternate automatic welding without interfering with each other to improve the work efficiency .

Welding Part Specifications

1 .Workpiece diameter: DN40-DN450 (can be customized)

2 .Workpiece wall thickness: t=3-30mm (can be customized)

3 .Workpiece length: L=100-1500mm (can be customized)

Function Introduction And Features

1.Materials are loaded and unloaded by manually assisted equipment, enabling rapid assembly positioning.

2.Automatic welding, argon arc welding priming, gas welding cover, dual gun structure, non-interference.

3.Two welding stations, working alternately, saving waiting time.

4.Argon arc welding priming is done by the welding cross, and the argon gas protection mechanism is filled to the back of the weld channel with real-time argon gas protection to ensure the welding effect.

5.Data counting, recording and traceability for use in capacity analysis.

6.Automatic production of soldering records.

7.With remote video monitoring.

Operation Process

1.The electric hoist is used to assist manual loading and unloading.

2.The grouping and positioning of products and welding are realized at the automatic welding station. The flanges are manually picked up and positioned on the chuck, and the flanges are clamped by the chuck locking mechanism.

3. The tube material is placed on the lifting support by manual handling, the diameter of the tube is measured by the tailstock positioning distance measuring mechanism, then the lifting support (using V-block positioning method to position the center of the tube) and the tailstock servo motor drive cooperate to position the tube and flange.

4.It is also equipped with preheating device before welding, cooling device and melt pool observation system for easy control of welding effect.

5.During welding, argon gas protection is applied to the back of the weld channel by the argon gas protection mechanism to ensure the welding effect.

6.Two automatic welding station stations work alternately. The design of configuring two welding guns, robot welding and automatic welding two kinds of equipment, can realize argon arc welding and gas welding, to meet the requirements of different welding working conditions. Each group of guns are independently controlled without interfering with each other, and can work in conjunction with each other or independently.

Equipment Site Photos

Back-transparent Effect

Back-transparent effect picture

Equipment Production Video

Carbon Steel Production Video

Stainless steel production video

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