Automatic polishing equipment for table legs

Equipment Description

Table leg polishing special machine is woodworking equipment for table leg polishing in woodworking factory, mainly controlled by PLC program, servo motor and pneumatic control; through truss robot hand automatically grabs the table leg and puts it on the polishing equipment according to PLC program. It realizes automatic loading, automatic positioning, first polishing and second profiling polishing of the workpiece. After polishing is finished, the robot hand grabs the table legs and puts them into the material box.

Equipment Benefits

1、Beautiful shape and reasonable structure.

2、Simple operation with PLC program control and pneumatic control.

3、Fully automatic loading, polishing and unloading.

4、Automatic belt feeding, recyclable, saves polishing auxiliary materials.

5、Improves the quality and efficiency of polishing; reduces the labor intensity of workers and meets the needs of manufacturers.

Equipment Design Drawings

Equipment Live Video

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