Automatic loading and unloading equipment for hydraulic presses (sheet pressing)

Equipment Introduction

In the plate heat exchanger plate production process, the press automatic loading and unloading equipment can realize automatic loading and unloading, positioning and stamping of stainless steel plates, improving the quality and efficiency of plate stamping and reducing the labor intensity of workers.

Equipment Composition

The feeding equipment, the discharging equipment and the control system are composed of three parts.

Operation Process

Process 1: Workers place the first sheet into the stamping die.

Process 2: Workers place the remaining workpieces on the material shelf while moving the equipment to the loading station, and then push the material shelf to the designated position of the loading equipment.

Process 3:Adjust the loading, adjust the screw to make the loading pusher dock with the mold, and adjust the width setting of the plate to ensure it matches with the workpiece, adjust the downfeed adjusting screw to make the downfeed pusher dock with the mold, and adjust the left and right limit rollers of the plate to make it exactly match with the plate, then select the corresponding workpiece size in the control system, and finally press the start button.

Process 4:The loading equipment is started and the workpiece is placed on the loading pusher by the suction cup cylinder and the handling cylinder, while the punching machine starts stamping the workpiece.

Process 5:After the punching machine has finished punching the finished piece, the loading servo motor starts to push the sheet into the punching die for a certain distance, and the downfeed servo motor starts to pull the punched workpiece out of the punching die, always keeping the two sheets with a certain distance of superimposed parts, then the loading servo motor pushes into place, clamping the sheet without moving, and the downfeed servo motor pulls out the sheet completely, then the loading servo motor returns to the original point, and then the workpiece is carried to the material rack by the handling cylinder and the suction cup cylinder.

Process 6:When the die is loaded with the finished part, the loading equipment performs process 5 and gives the workpiece on the press bed.

Process 7:Repeat process 5 until the worker stops working, or until there are no more workpieces to be stamped.

Manual Loading And Unloading

Automatic Loading And Unloading

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