Automatic lifting platform


Equipment Usage

This equipment is mainly to improve the production efficiency of existing equipment and reduce the labor intensity of workers. It is a non-standard equipment designed to match the existing drilling equipment. The main functions are reflected in the ability to automatically load and unload the drilling machine, automatic board correction, and the ability to automatically descend to the specified position when the hoist lacks boards, and then alarm to prompt workers to load.

Equipment Parameters

  1. Equipment size (hoist): 2045*1130*1397 (unit: mm)

  2. Maximum working pressure of equipment:0.6MPa

  3. Rated working pressure of equipment:0.3~0.5MPa

  4. Power supply voltage: AC 380V

  5. Maximum workpiece:1400X950(Unit: mm)

  6. Maximum load: less than 300Kg

Equipment Lubrication

Equipment in the process of use requires regular maintenance, time for a month or two months, depending on the use of the situation, maintenance content.

  1. Lubricating the screw and the filament with grease, ordinary grease is sufficient.

  2. Grease the slider, ordinary grease is sufficient.

  3. Cleaning the wood chips inside the motor heat sink and placing it to affect the motor heat dissipation.

  4. Clean up the wood chips at the cylinder rod outlet, if the conditions can be coated with a thin layer of lubricating oil, lubricating oil without grade requirements, to prevent wood chips or dust damage cylinder sealing device.

  5. Emptying of water in the filter reducer.

  6. Grease and lubricants have no grade requirements, but are required to be clean and free of any impurities.

Equipment Operating Instructions

  1. Power on the equipment, open the gas valve, see if the power light on the electric control cabinet is on and if there is pressure on the pressure gauge on the filter reducer.

  2. Press the equipment start button, the button light comes on, turn the hand automatic knob to automatic, cancel all emergency stop switches and then push the plank onto the lift.

  3. Starting the drilling machine and setting the corresponding parameters.

  4. Foot start switch to make the equipment start running, and at the same time start the underfeed conveyor line to ensure that it can run automatically after the workpiece has been processed.

  5. The loading device automatically drops and alerts people to load after all the boards have been delivered to the drill press.

  6. Workers press the start switch on the operation box for canceling the alarm before loading, then the workers load the material and step on the foot switch again after loading, the equipment automatically starts a new round of processing.

  7. After all workpieces have been machined, artificially close all switches on the control cabinet and then press all emergency stop switches to prevent damage caused by human error.

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