Robot loading/unloading (loading/weighing/fabric/inspection/unloading)

Brief Description Of Equipment

The robot can realize the functions of automatic filling, weighing, fabric and inspection of raw materials.

Equipment Action Flow

Process 1: Vacuum loading machine to absorb the raw material into the raw material bin.

Process 2: The vacuum feeder feeds the material into the cassette of the flip-up feeding mechanism; the electronic weighing detects the weight of the raw material.

Process 3:the robot places the container on the side of the flip loading mechanism, the flip device pours the raw material into the container, and the robot distributes the raw material evenly in the hopper.

Process 4:Robot-driven hopper to evenly distribute raw materials in the traverse conveyor mold for uniform fabric.

Process 5:The traverse conveyor moves the mold to the designated position under the press and then unloads the material. The traverse conveyor returns and scrapes the material at the same time. Completion of the feeding and scraping process.

Process 6:The press head is pressed down to complete the stamping process.

Process 7:The bottom die to lift the finished product.

Process 8:Pushing the finished product out onto the lifting and lowering mechanism when the next feeding of the finished product takes place.

Process 9:When the finished product is palletized to the specified quantity, there is a manual removal of the finished product pallets.

Equipment Features

  1. The motor is driven by servo motor and the rotation speed can be precisely controlled.

  2. The feeding device is compact and takes up little space, solving problems such as press loading space restrictions.

  3. PLC control system, humanized operation interface, simple and quick operation.

  4. Equipped with industrial remote control, wireless remote operation.

  5. The parameters can be preset so that the next time you produce a workpiece with the same specifications, you can directly call the workpiece parameters.

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