Arc tracking system (argon arc welding)

System Introduction

Arc tracking system is a kind of welding seam tracking system that tracks the welding seam by detecting the change of welding current or voltage. Its basic principle is to detect the height and left/right deviation of the welding gun by using the change of welding parameters caused by the change of distance between the welding gun and the workpiece. When the gun deviates from the workpiece, the welding parameters change because the arc length changes. The arc tracking system detects the changes in the welding parameters, feeds the deviation information to the control system and makes adjustments to the gun position. With the emergence of arc tracking, complete tracking of the weld seam is achieved, which further automates the welding process, saves the manual arc priming step, improves the quality of the weld seam and substantially increases the welding efficiency.

System Composition

When the welding seam deviates, the distance between the tungsten electrode and the workpiece changes, and the welding arc then changes, thus causing the welding voltage to change. At this time, the voltage sensor inside the welding machine will read the arc voltage size, and then adjust the horizontal and longitudinal movement of the welding torch of the intelligent welding special machine through the PLC control system in order to achieve the purpose of tracking the welding seam.

Function Introduction

1、Automatically track the trajectory of the welding seam, keep the relative position of the welding gun and the welding seam, the tracking position is the welding position, synchronous real-time tracking.

2、Preset voltage parameters to ensure consistent arc length for each weld

3、Suitable for V-shaped bevel, U-shaped bevel (bottoming welding), fillet welding and many other welding seams with good welding quality.

System Features

1、The signal monitoring point is the arc welding point, with no leading error and good real-time performance.

2、No need to add additional devices to the torch to ensure torch flexibility.

3、Not only can arc tracking be achieved, but also the forming of the weld seam can be improved.

4、The system is stable and not disturbed by external factors such as splash, smoke, and arc light.

5、Widely compatible with a variety of automated welding equipment, such as welding operators, gantry welders, cantilever welders, pipe bending welders, longitudinal/ring seam welders, flange welders, robotic welding workstations, etc.

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