HVAC industry

HVAC industry Square plate all-welded heat exchanger automatic welding production line

I. Project Background:

Square plate heat exchanger is a series of metal plates with wave shape stacked into a new type of high-efficiency heat exchanger, its compact structure, high heat transfer efficiency, low heat loss rate, more specifications to better meet the needs of the working conditions.。

Second, customer demand:

Equipment welding effective size of 7m * width 2.8m, plate can be welded thickness of 0.8mm-1.2mm, in the form of longitudinal seam welding, welding torch with positioning to find the point of function, continuous operation throughout the year, the annual operating time of 8,000 hours, the design of life expectancy ≥ 15 years.

Third, the solution

This solution is suitable for automatic welding of plate assembly; equipped with welding table, capable of placing two workpieces at the same time, so that one workstation welding, another workstation lifting and installation, to improve efficiency, according to the product model for the number of welded strips and can be queried; can be remotely monitored and controlled by the welding parameters and welding beats. The equipment adopts TIG self-melting or wire-filling welding method, equipped with laser position finding and tracking system, which can avoid welding defects caused by position deviation of the workpiece, and improve production efficiency and product quality. It adopts intelligent welding machine control system V1.0 with Haobon’s independent intellectual property rights, which has strong anti-interference ability and more stable operation.

Four, equipment effect diagram:

V. Equipment site plan:

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