HVAC industry

HVAC industry Automatic welding solutions for the compressor industry

I. Background of the project:

Compressor industry belongs to the manufacturing industry under the “general equipment manufacturing industry” (industry code C34). Compressor as a gas source to provide power for industrial modernization of basic machinery, specific role mainly includes the provision of aerodynamics, gas synthesis and polymerization, gas transportation, refrigeration and gas separation and other categories, which provides air power is the most widely used applications, involving machinery manufacturing, petrochemicals, mining and metallurgy, clothing and textiles, electronics and electric power, pharmaceuticals and food and other major important industries of the national economy, is second only to the electricity It is one of the universal energy sources after electric power.


二、client need:

Compressor three-point welding and top cover ring seam welding (Liaoning customer)

Compressor cylinder welding (Liaoning customer)

III. Project Programs:

1.Compressor three-point welding and top cover ring seam welding

  1. Compressor Cylinder Welding

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