Silicon Carbide Industry

Robotic loading and unloading solutions for silicon carbide industry

I. Project Background:

Silicon carbide belongs to the smelting industry, which has four main application areas, namely: functional ceramics, advanced refractories, abrasives and metallurgical raw materials. Silicon carbide crude material can already be supplied in large quantities, which can not be considered as high-tech products, while the application of nanoscale silicon carbide powder with extremely high technical content is afraid to be difficult to form economies of scale in a short time.

Second, customer demand:

Need to use robot configuration vacuum loading equipment, weighing equipment, can replace manual labor, complete the loading, weighing, fabric, material and other processes, forming an assembly line operation.


Aiming at the requirements of manufacturers for the workpiece process, we design a set of automatic loading and unloading equipment, the raw materials will be put into the corresponding position, the equipment will realize the automatic loading and unloading action, the equipment includes automatic filling of the raw materials, automatic placement of the workpiece and other functions, to realize the automation of the production of the workpiece to save labor costs and improve the production efficiency.

Four, equipment effect diagram:

V. Equipment site plan:

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