Oxygen Concentrators

Molecular sieve fitting table, oxygen generator assembly line, aging line

This oxygen generator production line consists of molecular sieve pressing table, oxygen generator assembly line and aging line.

I. Molecular sieve pressing table

Equipment composition: vacuum suction system, weighing and lowering mechanism, rotary table, pressing mechanism, electrical control system.

The equipment can press the bottom head of molecular sieve and sieve plate, automatic weighing and filling, press the top sieve plate, press the top head, press the top head, one-time molding and finish pressing.

The equipment can accurately control the position of the sieve plate to ensure the relative positioning between the sieve plate and the cylinder to ensure the positioning of the molecular sieve and the degree of internal homogeneity; the molecular sieve in the assembly process, the whole process is positioned by the mold to ensure the press fitting size, density, homogeneity and consistency, etc., which can effectively improve the qualification index of the molecular sieve and improve the assembly efficiency.

II. Oxygen concentrator assembly line

The operator assembles the pallet at each station and presses the “finish” switch when the assembly is complete, everything is confirmed and the line is moving. When the pallet moves to the tail elevator, the elevator lowers the pallet to the lower level and the pallet returns to the front elevator to go to the first station for the next cycle. At the end of the assembly line, a manual inspection position is set up to sort qualified products from rejects. Qualified products are removed from the pallet and go to the aging line (defective products are sent to the maintenance area).

III. Oxygen concentrator aging line

Workers place the products on the rails, turn on the power, and the chain drags the products forward. After the curing is complete, manual inspection is performed.

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