Steel Structure Bridge Industry

Steel bridge U-rib gantry welding machine project

I. Project Background:

With the increasing number of large-scale steel structure bridge projects, the production of U-ribbed plate units for bridge decks has become more and more necessary to realize automated production due to its large batch size, tight schedule, and high molding and welding quality requirements.

###Second, customer demand:

The base plate is 10000×3000×16(20)mm specification iron plate, uniformly welded 5 U-type ribs, the thickness of rib plate is 6mm, 8mm.

Third, the solution

This program is to reduce the overall height of the equipment, easy maintenance and replacement of welding wire, the use of the welding platform as a whole into the pit, but also to facilitate real-time observation of the equipment in the work of the state as well as the welding situation. Equipment for the gantry frame, which is installed with 5 groups of welding devices can be based on the need to weld the position of the free adjustment of the position of the welding gun, to ensure the accuracy of its welding; wire barrels are placed on both sides of the gantry frame, with the gantry frame with the movement.

Four, equipment effect diagram:

V. Equipment site plan:

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