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All-welded plate exchange welding equipment Automatic plasma welding project

I. Project Background:

All-welded plate and shell heat exchanger is a new type of high-efficiency heat exchanger suitable for high-temperature and high-pressure occasions, and its internal core structure is a group of metal circular corrugated heat exchanger plates, which are welded one by one at intervals to form a welded plate bundle.


Second, the customer demand:

The customer’s heat exchanger factory is located in Suzhou, as a leading enterprise in the heat exchanger industry, the customer requires the realization of fully automatic welding** of the inner circle and outer circle of the circular** plate set to improve the welding efficiency and ensure the high quality of the welding effect at the same time.

Third, the project program:

This program consists of two sets of automatic plasma welding equipment.

Inner circle welding equipment:

It mainly realizes the automatic loading and unloading of plates, automatic loading and unloading of tooling, automatic welding and other processes, which improves the welding efficiency and quality of the products and reduces the labor intensity of the workers. The equipment adopts high-quality imported plasma welding machine, with high welding speed, beautiful weld seam and high welding quality, and the welding torch is equipped with a camera to realize remote monitoring and real-time artificial correction of the welding torch.

Inner Circle Welding Equipment Design Effect

Cylindrical welding equipment:

It mainly realizes the automatic concentricity of outer circle, reduces the amount of wrong edge of outer circle, realizes the automatic concentricity of each group of plates and pieces, and automatic welding. The equipment is equipped with two stations, one station welding at the same time, the workers can be to another station on the plate, to achieve continuous welding, and in different types of plates can be realized between the rapid replacement of fixtures and connecting plates.

Cylindrical welding equipment design rendering

Inner Circle Welding Equipment:

Cylindrical welding equipment:

Welding effect:

Inner circle welding effect:

####Cylindrical welding effect:

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